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  Welcome to the official homepage of Active Euroworks. We are the state-of-the-art independent repair shop for the exotic models that only a guru focused in this field should service. The reality is that automotive repair has become extremely esoteric and therefore requires educated technicians with sophisticated diagnostic equipment and years of experience. Our Pflugerville auto repair shop is centrally located for your convenience. We currently specialize in repairs on Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Audi, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Porsche, BMW, and Rolls Royce. At Active Euroworks, Pflugerville, TX, we are authorized dealers for:

A Dealership Alternative

  We are the alternative to the dealerships who typically want to push customers into new cars after the basic maintenance under warranty has expired. Do dealerships really fix cars anymore? No, they are more focused on leasing vehicles and letting them die prematurely to force you into a new model. This is definitely not fair when you consider that many of these exotic cars are collectible and are not necessarily improved upon over the years in the dimensions like the styling or standard features that are no longer available. We are dedicated to providing a unique niche service to the community by concentrating solely upon after-warranty exotic vehicles. We know the owners are like us back in the day and searching for an alternative to the dealership run-around. We’ve all been in the same situation when taking our after-warranty vehicles to the dealership. The volume of overhead creates low flat rate pricing that forces many technicians to rush jobs out the door.

With Our High-Quality Maintenance & Repairs, You Won’t Need A New Motor

  The goal of the dealership is to produce greater profits for stockholders. They have virtual monopolization over the service of these vehicles and are able to effectively force owners to trade up to the latest model by the lack of alternatives. If the quality of repair services were widely available from independent specialists, the severe devaluation of brand-new vehicles by as much as 60% after five years would be greatly reduced. The risk of purchasing a used vehicle comes down to the lack of independent specialists who are willing to perform quality repairs and preventative maintenance. When you add in the fact that the vehicle manufacturers are using planned obsolescence to junk brand-new vehicles by engineering weaknesses into the design, only an independent guru shop has the resources and incentive to keep your vehicle running like new forever. There are thousands of reasons to have your vehicle serviced at our independent specialist shop. We don't have billions of dollars to invest in golden property like the dealerships to attract thousands of expendable customers. We have to genuinely build a relationship of trust to develop the word-of-mouth advertising that fuels the growth of independent shops. Ironically, we have to rely upon the dealerships for many factory parts. We respect the employees and understand that they are merely there because there is stable work. The dealers themselves have been known to outsource after-warranty work to independent shops that they simply don't have time and space to do on their own.

Our Specialists Will Carry Out A Full-Service

  We are committed to playing our part in the after-warranty aspect of service for owners who choose to pay attention to the highest level of detail in their repairs. We work to fill an important space in automotive repair. As you may notice, there are not many full-service shops in existence today. Automotive repair has become extremely specialized. Only the best specialists are carrying out the full-service on after-warranty vehicles. Commercial chains do very limited repairs on the most universal and basic elements of vehicles using low-cost parts and forced time-schedules that can lead to faulty installations.
  • HVAC Services
    Air Conditioning Service and Repair Heater Service and Repair 
  • Electromechanical System Services
    Major Repair  Clutches and Transmission Engine Performance Diagnosis and Repair Electrical Diagnostics Computer Diagnostics Control Module Programming Check Engine Light Diagnostics SRS, ABS, SBS, and ABC Malfunction Diagnostics
  • Routine Services
    Oil Change Timing Belt Tune Up Factory Recommended Annual Services
  • Body/Interior Services
    Interior Trim Repair Paintless Dent Removal
  • Miscellaneous
    Pre-Buyer Vehicle Inspections Radar System Installations Bimmertech Retrofit Installations
  • Suspension and Steering Component Services
    Alignments Suspension and Steering Repairs Brake System Service and Repair Wheel Repair, including Bent or Scuffed Wheels Tire Mount & Balance with Road Force
We strive to lead the way for all workers who are forced into the corporate slave position to find their calling in an independent field. We are more focused on a variety of issues that are outside the ken of commercial chains and dealerships. After-warranty vehicles develop unique sets of issues that need to be nipped in the bud to prevent the premature self-destruction of any vehicle. There are many late-model vehicles sitting dead in someone's driveway because they can't find anyone to fix them. This is the typical tactic that is used by general repair shops and even some dealers when they don't want to get involved in a complex repair. They will ask you how much money you have to experiment and progressively hit you with new guesstimates. If they can't tell you exactly what is wrong or how they are objectively going to test for the specific answer in a few simple tests, you can bet they are trying to pull a fast one. Even the most experienced mechanics at these shops can be under pressure to generate profits and burn customers on complex repairs. The issues faced by after-warranty exotic autos often involve the highest level of complexity. When there are many aged parts, it can become difficult to pinpoint intermittent or elusive issues. The technical data is not always accessible and may lead to more confusion than it is worth when the mechanic is not provided with ample time to digest it. The reality of automotive repair is far from the abstract. In theory, dealer technicians have the tools, training, experience, and factory resources to solve any problem. Finding a dealership that is willing to tie uplifts when they are booked up with congested maintenance schedules isn’t easy. Help us build a community resource that grows to serve the needs of the exotic car collectors out there. In the bigger picture, we are doing the dealers a great service by providing an incentive for customers to purchase new vehicles and invest in them. We are all playing our part in the automotive co-op in life. It is time to stop by our shop and talk to a master technician about how you can extend the life of your exotic vehicle or upgrade it with premium parts that not all auto repair shops stock.

Auto Repair and Maintenance Pflugerville/Austin/Round Rock

  Active Euroworks is built upon the reputation of its master technicians. Years of automotive training and attention to detail provide our technicians with the confidence to efficiently solve any problem as if they were working on their own vehicles. When you consider that we use factory diagnostic tools like the GT-1 BMW and Autologic, as well as the Mercedes-Benz Star Package (MB Star), there is no reason to doubt the quality of the service at our Pflugerville Auto Repair Shop. When you need a regional brake repair service for your European or Exotic car, we offer a greater range of materials like high-end ceramic Pagid racing pads. We also offer the highest quality synthetic oils like Elf for less labor than the dealerships. We spend much more time on your oil change than the dealership technicians. We briefly idle and pulse the engine to make sure the level is ideal when circulating. We will make sure the residual oil is thoroughly cleaned and doesn't stain your driveway. Get in touch with us today for any inquiries regarding the maintenance of your motor.

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